Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Apu, Bubly in virtual war!

Apu, Bubly in virtual war!
Apu Biswas and Shobnom Yesmin Bubly

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Dhallywood’s two popular actresses Apu Biswas and Shobnom Yesmin Bubly have engaged in a ‘virtual war’ on social media. They have posted several cryptic posts on their Facebook pages attacking each other. 

Apu on Tuesday shared a news on her Facebook page about Shakib Khan gifting Bubly a diamond nose pin on her birthday. Apu captioned the post with several laughing emojis and wrote “what a joke”.

After Apu Biswas’s Facebook post, Bubly gave a post on Wednesday with a witty reply without mentioning Apu’s name. “Someone suddenly told me that the woman who keeps your picture and news on her Facebook wall is your fun, it means that you are the only one in her dream. Ha ha ha…,” the caption reads.

Soon after, Apu also gave another post hint to Bubly on Facebook. “Such a word comes from an educated woman!”

In their posts, fans and well-wishers of both are making suggestive and offensive comments about each other. Some are praising Apu while some are siding with Bubly.