Monday, 5 December, 2022

Grabbing school land

Bring criminals to book

Bring criminals to book

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The experience regarding an attempt at constructing a police station in a playground in the capital is still fresh in people's minds. Nevertheless, as soon as the chapter found a happy ending with the prime minister’s direct intervention, another episode has begun that even in her home district, Gopalganj. A district-page photo of this daily states that people from five villages of Muksudpur upazila formed a human chain at a playground at Daserhat village of the upazila on Saturday, protesting against a move to grab a playground for the construction of a building there. In the capital, cases of grabbing lands of schools, colleges and even primary schools are not too fewer to ignore. However, the photograph suggests that grabbing lands of educational institutions is going on in areas away from the capital. It has seemingly become a trend towards grabbing the land of educational institutions.

A report published by the Department of Inspection and Audit (DIA) of the Ministry of Education stating about 869 acres of land of some educational institutions inspected from March last year to August this year have been grabbed also proves the assumption. Given the statistics, it is for sure that thousands of acres of lands of educational institutions have been illegally occupied. But if this trend continues, the children will surely be in severe trouble, being deprived of open space for playing and physical activities.

In any civilised country of the world, there is no opportunity to usurp someone else's land. But grabbing others' lands, both public and privately-owned, has become a common and normal phenomenon in our country. Incidents of expropriation of sensitive lands like mosques and temples are also numerous. The misappropriation of lands of educational institutions indeed states the bankrupt state of our society.

So, it is expected that the administration will be strict in this regard. The government must take strict action against the people who are trying to grab a playground in Daserhat village as well as lands of other educational institutions across the country. If measures are taken in this regard, many other similar irregularities would be stopped and the quality of education will be ensured as well.