Tuesday, 7 February, 2023

Nadia, Shahed star in ‘Bishoyta Bektigoto’

Nadia, Shahed star in ‘Bishoyta Bektigoto’

Popular small screen actors Shahed Sharif Khan and Nadia Ahmed will be seen acting in a telefilm titled ‘Bishoyta Bektigoto’. The telefilm has been written by Mijanur Rahman Belal and directed by

Aditya Jony.

About the telefilm, Aditya Jony said, “Mijanur Rahman Belal always writes stories with different concepts. He has done the same this time also. The artistes have acted brilliantly in the film. I hope the telefilm will be well appreciated by the audience.”

Mili Bashar, Azam Khan, Kaka Maqsood, Ruhani, Sabuj and Urmi also acted in various roles in the telefilm.

‘Bishoyta Bektigoto’ tells the story of a mother named Maya, who feels alone after her retirement. Everyone is careless for giving time to their single mothers. Most of the time Maya spends time talking to someone on the telephone. But her daughter-in-law Mrittika cannot accept this. One day, Mrittika saw a man on the roof of the house with her mother-in-law. She calls her husband Pial to come. Pial leaves an urgent office meeting and comes home. When he went to the roof, he was surprised to see a man holding his mother’s hand. Then the story of the drama continues…

The telefilm will be aired on Channel i at 3:05pm on Friday.