Thursday, 8 December, 2022

Removal of Zia’s grave from Chandrima Udyan demanded

Removal of Zia’s grave from Chandrima Udyan demanded
Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force members, who were given either imprisonment or terminated from the service, and family members of those who were hanged on October 2, 1977 form a human chain in front of the grave of Ziaur Rahman at Chandrima Udyan in the capital on Tuesday, demanding posthumous trial of Ziaur Rahman. — sun Photo

An organization named Mayer Kanna on Tuesday demanded removing the grave of former military ruler Ziaur Rahman from city's Chandrima Udyan in Sangsad Bhaban area, reports BSS.

The leaders of the organization came up with this demand while holding a human chain at Chandrima Udyan.

They said if the grave of Ziaur Rahman is not removed from the Chandrima Udyan in Sangsad Bhaban area, they will take initiatives to remove it by their own.

The army and air force family members of the organization also demanded a posthumous trial of Ziaur Rahman for hanging their army and air force family-members on October 2 in 1977.

They said that at that time, in the name of suppressing the mutiny, about one and a half thousand members of the military forces were unjustly given various punishments including hanging.

Referring to this event as a shameful one in history, the relatives of army and air force members mentioned that Ziaur Rahman carried out these murders to consolidate his power.

Speaking on the occasion, former Appellate Division Judge AHM Shamsudd in  Chowdhury Manik said Ziaur Rahman worked as a spy in Pakistan during the Liberation War.

Zia basically went to India as spy of Pakistan, he said, adding that due to this, whenever there was an opportunity, Zia brutally killed the freedom fighters as per the direction of Pakistanis.

He (Zia) killed many people in the name of justice which was nothing but a farce, he added.

Manik further said that no one has the right to do politics under the banner of the party that Zia formed.

Mentioning that there is no difference between Jamaat and BNP, he said these two parties are known as anti-liberation organizations. He demanded dissolving BNP.

Lawmaker Naheed Ezaher Khan, the daughter of Shaheed Colonel Khondkar Nazmul Huda who was killed in the 7 November 1975 coup d',tat, said Zia brutally killed our father 47 years ago.

 A murderer's body cannot remain in a holy area like the Sangsad Bhaban, she said.

The graves of all war criminals including Zia should be removed from here, she added.

Besides, she strongly demanded to provide financial assistance to the victims.

A protest procession was brought out following the human chain to demand providing help for the victims and ensuring justice for the killers.