Friday, 2 December, 2022

Solve water-logging to ease tailback

Life in Dhaka city is plagued with various problems including traffic congestion and water-logging. These have rendered the megacity almost unliveable. Earlier, the city fathers time and again used to give empty promises to the residents to lessen their sufferings. But, in reality, they never came up with a comprehensive and effective plan to solve the problems. How long will the city dwellers remain satisfied with their empty promises? All these problems could have been solved much earlier if they were sincere in their pursuit to address them.

However, a three-column story of this newspaper has rekindled citizens’ hope to some extent. DNCC has proposed a project at the Planning Commission to improve infrastructure in three DNCC areas to ease rain and water-logging induced traffic gridlock. The project proposal is expected to get nod from a meeting of the ECNEC. We are waiting to see the outcome of the meeting. But, the authorities concerned have assured that once the project is implemented, pedestrian and vehicular movements will be seamless in the proposed areas. As per press reports we have come to know that the city authorities have initially identified 156 city spots that are prone to water-logging.

 The problems need to be addressed with short and mid-term solutions; a holistic plan of action covering the whole water-logging network and other related matters is crucial to solve the problem. Inadequate drainage facilities as well as clogged drainage networks are the main reasons behind water-logging in and around the city. Besides reclaiming and constructing the drains, the sewerage networks and footpaths should be repaired in this dry season. The city authorities need to do what is necessary where there are requirements for waste management, widening of narrow drains or negotiation with development project implementers.

 Maintaining canals is another additional duty of the city authorities. The canals should be restored after freeing them from encroachment. Those should be demarcated and fenced with barbed wires. Later, the canals should be made navigable after removing thick silt deposits from the beds. The problem of water-logging will be minimised to a good extent when all the works are completed. At the same time, traffic jams will also be eased.