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City experiences severe traffic jam

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  • 6 November, 2022 12:00 AM
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City experiences severe traffic jam

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Surrounding the Awami League’s “Peace Rally and March”, severe traffic congestion was created on the busy Rampura-Badda road and its nearby areas on Saturday, causing untold suffering for commuters.   

Due to the rally held at Middle Badda, hundreds of vehicles were seen stuck in traffic congestion in Rampura-Badda, Hatirjheel, Gulshan and Natunbazar areas.  

Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League has taken a zone-based 'Peace Rally and March' programme to protest BNP-Jamaat's anti-national conspiracy, anarchy-violence and arson.

As part of this, a procession of lakhs of people started after the rally in Gulshan zone on Saturday afternoon.

The procession started from Middle Badda U-loop and ended in Natunbazar. For this reason, Middle Badda to Merul Badda, Rampura and DIT road areas have been filled with party leaders and activists. Before the start of the procession, leaders and activists of various police stations, wards and units of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League started gathering on the road, creating severe traffic congestion.

Leaders and workers started gathering around the party's rally from noon. They joined the rally in a piecemeal procession. At that time, traffic virtually came to a halt on several roads, including the Badda-Rampura main road.

Due to the peace rally, severe traffic jam was created in Pragati Sarani and its surrounding areas. Due to the peace rally, many commuters had to stay on the road for hours in various vehicles.

However, by 5:00pm, the police said, they have opened all the roads for traffic.

Mostafizur Rahman, who returned from office work in Badda, said that the police closed all the roads to Badda. No cars were allowed to enter. Later, he turned the car and came back. Ambulance was also seen standing there in heavy traffic.

Another commuter, Siam, said that the entire road from Kuril to Rampura has been blocked due to Awami League's rally on Pragati Sarani Road in Rampura. There was a heavy jam on the link road from Gulshan-1 to Badda.