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Siddons far from expectations

  • Samsul Arefin Khan From Brisbane
  • 29 October, 2022 12:00 AM
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Siddons far from expectations

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On February 10, the Bangladesh Cricket Board appointed their former head coach Jamie Siddons as their new batting consultant with a lot of high expectations.

Since their disastrous performances in the ICC T20 World Cup last year which was followed by the resignation of former batting coach Ashwell Prince, Bangladesh were looking to bring someone who can actually raise their batsmen’s confidence and score freely across formats.

However, since joining the team during the home series against Afghanistan, Siddons was unable to bring out anything from the batsmen which were largely expected from the 58-year-old former Australian.

Although Bangladesh had performed decently in their favourite 50-over format in these eight months, their performance in Tests and T20Is are still far from improvement despite Siddons’ remaining optimistic about the batsmen.

For the last few months, Siddons told the media many times that Bangladesh are a side capable of scoring 160 to 170 runs in the T20I format and the total is enough for their bowlers to defend.

However, the stats show that Bangladesh haven’t been successful to score the par total (as per Siddons’s saying) in most of the cases and if they somehow managed that, they finished on the losing side.

Bangladesh have played 18 T20Is so far after the joining of Siddons, who previously worked for the Tigers from 2007 to 2011, where they could earn only five wins and in 12 matches, they finished as losers.

Out of these 18 innings, Bangladesh could manage to score over 160 runs in only six innings from where they could clinch victory in only one game, that too against UAE recently.

Two of these 160-plus totals came while chasing 200-plus targets while on other three occasions Bangladesh failed to defend their scores unlike what Siddons believed about the team.

The average score of Bangladesh in T20Is is 148 under the reign of Siddons which is much lower than his expectations from the team.

 After the match against South Africa where the Tigers suffered a crushing 104-run defeat, Siddons came to the Mixed Zone to face the media once again.

He told the media again that he still has confidence in the team to score their par total but when he was asked who he thought would take them to that score, he looked hesitant.

“It’s totally different from what we practised and reproduced at our home over there. We found Hobart really fast for our batsmen and they looked in a hurry,” Siddons said on Thursday.

“I think Australia, South Africa and England are all capable of scoring 200 in wickets like that but today we didn’t bowl as we should have and they got away.

 “With 160, we will win most of our games and I stand by that but we better get 160 first.

“We get 160 or 170, we got to back our bowlers but we got to keep them to 170 and we have not made 200 very often so we tried to get 200 today and we got bowled out badly/

“All the top six can hit 60 or 70 while Liton can easily do that. I think Liton can score a hundred and anyone from the top four,” he added.

Siddons is like backing his players in the current term with the BCB but nothing else from that as the Tigers still struggling with the batting and their first two matches in the current T20 World Cup are the big examples of that.


Bangladesh cricketers are seen upon their arrival at Brisbane Airport in Australia
on Friday.     – BCB PHOTO