Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

Human Rights Violation

BNP should not lose sleep

BNP should not lose sleep

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In her speech at the inauguration of Sheikh Russel Day-2022 and Sheikh Russel Medal-2022, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina once again spoke about the double standard of morality of the political party BNP and its leaders. Slamming BNP for obstructing the trial in the August 15 massacre, Sheikh Hasina said it is an irony for the nation that the patrons of the killers are now lecturing on democracy and human rights. Today we are to hear the words of democracy, vote and human rights from them. Unfortunately, the same people are the killers, patrons of killers and violators of human rights.

If experience is anything to go by, BNP, the party often termed as the by-product of the 15 August tragedy, violated the Constitution and human rights on several occasions from the very beginning of its foundation just to strengthen its power. The founder of the party Ziaur Rahman had converted the Indemnity Ordinance into an Act of Parliament shutting the door on the trial of the plotters and killers of the Father of the Nation and his family members. While Zia was in power, hundreds of military personnel were hanged without any trial or through a sham trial in allegations of military coups. All of these were clear violations of human rights. Ironically, these violators of human rights now see wanton violation of human rights everywhere.

Ziaur Rahman even did not let democracy ‘uncared’ for! BNP claims credit to its founder to allow multi-party democracy to function in the country but forgets that Zia arranged for an ‘election’ to the post of the President where he was the only candidate and people could just say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ which he termed as a referendum to ‘assess the people’s support’ for him.

Time elapses but the nature of the BNP, as a political party, does not change much. Plotting to weaken oppositions by killings its leaders, along with patronising ultra-right political wings, is the major allegation the party is still facing. And its coalition with the anti-independence political party Jamaat and convicted war criminals surely belies its so called stance against human rights violations. Now, when common people hear BNP speak out loud about democracy and human rights, they really find themselves in dilemma.