Friday, 27 January, 2023

Shakib Khan opens up about relationship with Puja

Threatens to take legal action against rumour-mongers

Shakib Khan opens up about relationship with Puja

Rumours have been rife on social media for the last few days that Dhallywood star Shakib Khan is in a romantic relationship with actress Puja Chery. Shakib remained silent over the matter. He has finally broken the silence about the issue. The actor also has threatened to take legal action against those who are spreading rumours against him.

On Thursday, Shakib in a post on his official Facebook page, wrote: “The law of the country is enough to punish those who spread such nasty and false information about one’s personal life. Some YouTube channels and Facebook pages are creating a kind of confusion by promoting false content in the hope of views. They are creating one issue after another.

Puja Chery is working with me from her professional place. Is it her crime? I have no relationship with her outside of work. So why so many lies are being spread?”

“Several news portals have been spreading false news in my name. This is not acceptable. Those who are spreading this false news are being listed. I strictly state, my lawyer is taking action in this regard according to the prevailing laws of the country,” the actor further said.