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Liton gets tips from Babar, Rizwan

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  • 14 October, 2022 12:00 AM
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Liton gets tips from Babar, Rizwan

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Pakistani stalwarts Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan advised Bangladesh batsman Liton Das not to give too much importance to outside noise and keep faith in his ability.

Liton, who is considered to be the backbone of the Tigers’ batting unit, was seen talking with two leading batsmen of the world and tried to understand their playing philosophy after the end of their match in Christchurch on Thursday.

“The less you listen, it will be right because even if you don’t want to, you will still start doubting yourself. When you are playing good, if someone says a thing or two, you might feel whether everything is all right or not,” Babar told Liton after Pakistan beat Bangladesh by seven wickets in the last league match.

Rizwan, who was listening to Babar when he was sharing his experience with the right-handed batsman of Bangladesh, insisted that he should learn to take everything in his stride.

“You will score zero, 10 runs or even a century. But what I feel is that nothing is possible without hard work. Someone might be different in our team and the result might be different. There will be someone like Shakib who is mentally very strong,” said Rizwan.

“You and I know that catches will be dropped while centuries will be made and you will become a big player. Liton Kumar Das is a big player. (Today) Rizwan’s catch was dropped and he became the man of the match but if the catch was taken, it wouldn't have happened,” he added.

Liton asked Rizwan, currently the number one batsman in the shortest format, what goes through his mind when he is going through a bad phase.

Rizwan replied that he should understand that he won’t be scoring everyday and urged him to make sure that his failure rate is less than success rate.

All three players had performed well for their respective sides in the last league game as Liton made 69 off 42 balls for Bangladesh while Babar and Rizwan scored 55 and 69 runs respectively for Pakistan.