Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Dengue situation turns alarming

► 13 die, over 5,000 hospitalised in 10 days ► 90pc cases reported in Dhaka

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 11 October, 2022 12:00 AM
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The dengue situation has taken a serious turn in the country as over 5,000 dengue patients were admitted to hospitals and 13 died this month.

The health authorities said 624 more patients were hospitalised in the past 24 hours till Monday morning. Two more deaths were reported during that time.

The number of dengue patients and casualties has been increasing with the number of daily cases crossing 400 for the last few weeks except for a few days.

Health experts emphasized extensive measures to prevent the spread of dengue disease as they fear that the situation may worsen further if the measures are not taken immediately to control the Aedes mosquito, the vector of the deadly dengue disease.   

“If the breeding grounds of the vector are not destroyed immediately, the situation may worsen further,” Dr Md. Nazmul Islam, Director (Disease Control) of DGHS told the Daily Sun.

At least 5,101 dengue patients were admitted to hospitals across the country, including in Dhaka city, while 13 patients died in only ten days of the current month of October, according to Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) data released on Monday.

The prevalence of dengue disease is rising across the country, especially in Dhaka,  which is considered a hotspot for the mosquito-borne viral disease.

Some 334 dengue patients were reported on Sunday, 712 patients on Saturday, 637 patients on Thursday, 344 patients were reported on Wednesday, 482 patients on Tuesday, 525 patients on Monday, 568 patients on Sunday and 635 patients on Saturday and 524 patients on Thursday.

DGHS said a total of 21,193 dengue patients have been admitted to hospitals and 70 patients have died across the country, including in Dhaka this year. Of the total cases, 15,885 were reported in Dhaka city, while 5,308 were reported outside the capital.

Some 9,911 dengue patients were hospitalised and 34 died in the country in September, while 3,521 dengue patients were hospitalised and 11 died in August.

The DGHS data further said a total of 2,439 dengue patients are now undergoing treatment across the country. Of them, 1,834 patients were admitted to 50 hospitals in Dhaka city.

Of the total dengue patients, around 90 percent of patients are admitted to 50 hospitals in the capital, while around 10 percent of patients were outside Dhaka.

DGHS asked people to contact registered doctors immediately if they have any symptoms of dengue disease and test for the dengue virus for early treatment.

People were also advised to be careful during the rainy days as Aedes mosquito breeds more and transmits the disease during intermittent rain.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Dr Ekramul Haque, Program Manager (malaria & Aedes transmitted disease) of the DGHS, said usually August to October is the peak season for dengue disease, but this disease may spread at any time of the year. “This year the number of dengue cases may increase further.”