Thursday, 8 December, 2022

Rajshahi city gets new looks amid massive developments

RAJSHAHI: Rajshahi city got a new look amid massive infrastructural and architectural development works with a competent leadership during the last four years making both inside and outstanding people happy.

Broaden streets, cleaned atmosphere, road dividers with green trees and plants and crafts, improved civic amenities and eye-catching street lighting at night have made the city attractive enormously, reports BSS.

Rajshahi City Corporation has implemented six infrastructure development projects at a cost of around Taka 831.10 crore during the last four years contributing a lot towards making the city beautiful, green and clean.

City Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton said an east-west connecting road has been constructed from Alif Lam Meem Bhata crossing on Rajshahi-Naogaon highway to Choddopaya crossing on Rajshahi-Natore highway via Chhotobangram, Meherchandi, Budhpara and Mohanpur at a cost of around Taka 189.35 crore.

In addition to construction of footpaths on both sides of the 6.793-kilometer road, various need-based modern infrastructures, including a flyover on railway crossing, a bridge, eight culverts and median, were constructed.

The newly constructed four-lane road has been playing a significant role towards mitigating the gradually mounting traffic jams in the metropolis.

In all perspectives, the road area, particularly the flyover, is seen as a tourist spot as scores of people are humming to the area generating income for many of the locals.

Mayor Liton said they are taking forward the metropolis as many development activities have become visible with the kind support of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Mayor Liton said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has approved a project worth around Taka 3,000 crore and its implementation works are progressing fast in the city for its cherished development at present.

He said a 2.5-kilometer road from Alupatty crossing to Talaimary crossing has been elevated to four-lane, costing around Taka 164.20 crore. Decorated and pedestrian-friendly footpaths have been constructed on both sides of the road with setting up colourful road lights.

Island has been beautified through transplanting decorative and ornamental flower plants.

Two midtown roads from Upashahar to Sonadighi crossing and Malopara crossing to Sagarpara crossing have been widened, costing around Taka 126.40 crore bringing an epoch-making change in terms of the city’s communication.

Another road from Bilsimla railway crossing to Kasiadanga crossing has been elevated to four-lane under the city’s important roads development project. Side by side with the four-lane, drain, footpath and bicycle lane were constructed along the road.

Erection of butterfly road light draws the attention of the passerby in the night amazingly.

Under the Taka 198-crore project, 36.81-kilometer new roads were constructed with renovation of 58.69-kilometer roads, 33.6-kilometer drains and 12.43-kilometer footpaths.

Most of the affected and damaged roads and drains were repaired in different areas of all 30 wards at a cost of around Taka 49.86 crore.

Apart from this, 53.29-kilometer roads were also concretized together with construction of 36.72-kilometer drains. Carpeting on the 4.32-kilometer new road and renovation of the 1.42-kilometer road were done.

The city corporation has implemented a drainage and approach road construction project titled “Drain Construction for Removing Water-logging in Rajshahi city (Third Phase)” aimed at freeing the city from water-logging while making pedestrian movement easy.

Under the Taka 193.30-crore project, 6.36-kilometer primary, 19.29-kilometer secondary and 67.75-kilometer tertiary drains were constructed installing a planned drainage system.

Four railway culverts were expanded with construction of 8.67-km approach roads and nine drains as well as accomplished procurement of two long-boom excavators and two rubber trucks under the project.

Problems related to unfit and narrow sections of the present drains and its low-sewerage capacity were removed. All the culverts were widened besides removing the silts from the base of the drains to enhance the sewerage capacity.

Chief Engineer Nur Islam said the physical infrastructure development were implemented in order to attain the goal of developing the overall environmental health system through building an effective and permanent water sewerage system in the city.

He said they have adopted three more uplift projects amounting to Taka 2,705.08 crore for infrastructural development.