Friday, 2 December, 2022

Parliamentary Election

Goal must prevail over process

As per an announcement of the CEC, the 12th Jatiya Sangsad election will be held in the last week of December in 2023 or the first week of January in 2024. As the upcoming parliamentary election is coming closer, fresh debates over using EVM in polls have taken the centre stage in the country’s political arena. Because of the phenomenon, the fate of the next general election is hanging in the balance. All conscious citizens want Bangladesh to continue its march on a democratic path. So, pressure mounts over the Election Commission (EC) for holding a free, fair and inclusive election. Against the backdrop, the CEC stated on Tuesday that a participatory election is more important than EVM.

It is true that without participation of all major political parties, the election will never be at all acceptable and participatory. And if an election is not participatory, it cannot be called genuinely democratic. A democratic election means an inclusive election because democracy itself is a participatory process. If people are unable to exercise their franchise in large numbers in an election, then that election do not reflect the exact choices of the majority people of a country. And if the choices of the majority are not reflected in polls then its very purpose is defeated. In that case, there is not much difference between election and selection.

Our common goal is to make the upcoming polls free, fair and inclusive. However, the goal is more important than the process of achieving it. And let not debates over the process lead to loss of the objective itself. Keeping that in mind, the EC as well as the ruling and opposition parties should play their respective role to achieve the goal of holding an inclusive and credible election. For the purpose, all the stakeholders should reach a consensus. All political parties should make at least a minimum compromise among themselves for the sake of democracy. We believe the EC would take necessary steps that would help overcome the prevailing lack of confidence in our election system. If the EC succeeds in making polls accessible then it will get back people’s trust. At the same, EC will be applauded both at home and abroad.