Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

Departure of a star journalist

Departure of a star journalist

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Erasing the line between life and death, Ekushe Medal-winning renowned journalist Toab Khan embarked on the path of immortality. His journalist career which he started in the then Pakistan in 1953 with a weekly ‘Janata’ continued like a flowing river till the last day of his life. Despite many ups and downs in his 69-year career, this cap-a-pie journalist neither gave up on journalism nor did he lose his direction as an editor and, consequently, established himself as an institution of journalism in the context of Bangladesh.

During our great Liberation War, he was one of the artists of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. However, as a journalist and editor Toab Khan was uncompromising. He never leaned towards the right or the left and his political beliefs never overlapped his professionalism. In independent Bangladesh, he was the first editor to lose his job for publishing articles critical of the government. However, later he was appointed as the press secretary of the then Prime Minister Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Even he had to go to jail because of an article during the first tenure of the BNP government.

The journalism of this country got a different dimension at the hand of Toab Khan. In the last part of the Ershad regime when the nation was moving towards the restoration of a democratic environment, newspapers of Bangladesh were performing a history-making role, and Toab Khan, being the advisory editor of 'Daily Janakatha', was a prominent part of it. During that time, the defeated forces of 71 and their collaborators started reorganising, the war criminals continued to obstruct progress in various ways and society began to divide with the rise of sectarian politics, he had a sharp pen to protest these elements and to mobilise social forces and guide the state in the right direction.

His death marks the departure of a bright star of journalism. This loss is irreparable. As a journalist and editor, Toab Khan has set a unique precedent. It is important to learn from his life, his unbiased devotion to journalistic profession and dedication. The best way to pay respect to him is to carry forward the legacy he left behind.

Let his departed soul remain in eternal peace!