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No need for RAB reform

Says new DG

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  • 2 October, 2022 12:00 AM
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No need for RAB reform

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Newly-appointed Director General of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) M Khurshid Hossain has said that there is no need to reform the elite force.

“We aren’t doing anything for what it needs to be reformed. We’re working according to the rules defined for us. We don’t do anything in violation of laws. Personally, I don’t see any question of any reforms,” he said.

The RAB chief came up with the remarks on Saturday, two days after US Ambassador Peter Haas called for a reform of the RAB.

In response to a question about whether the US has given any written proposal for RAB reform, Khurshid said, “No, we haven’t given any written proposal.” He was talking to journalists after placing a floral wreath at Bangabandhu’s portrait in Dhanmondi 32 in the capital after taking charge of the elite force.

“Sanctions have been imposed, and the government has replied to that through the official channel. We’ve already responded to the issues they have asked us. After answering they did not get a chance to ask any more counter questions,” he added.

The elite force would continue to play its role by maintaining law and order and tackling militancy, terrorism and drug, the RAB DG mentioned.

He further said, “It is true that those who work may make mistakes. But it has to be seen that whether it was done for personal interest or for the common people of the country. Therefore, we will deal with these issues officially.”

On September 29, US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas had said sanctions imposed on RAB and seven of its current and former officials for alleged human rights violations will remain in place until accountability is ensured and reforms are made.

The elite anti-crime force has been blamed for a number of enforced disappearances and so-called cross-fire incidents, but the agency refuted all the allegations.

The US envoy made the comment on September 29 in a discussion organised by “Centre for Governance Studies” and German think tank “Friedrich Ebert Stiftung” in Dhaka.

Haas had said the sanctions imposed by the US against RAB and seven of its former and current officials were not intended to punish them, but to change the behaviour and hold them accountable.

“We are looking for accountability for past incidents,” said the US ambassador.