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Shehzad Khan is our son

Reveal Shakib, Bubly

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  • 1 October, 2022 12:00 AM
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Shehzad Khan is our son

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Popular film actress Shobnom Yasmin Bubly has surprised fans by disclosing her marital relations with actor Shakib Khan and sharing photos of their two and a half-year old son named Shehzad Khan Bir. 

Bubly revealed the photos of her son on Friday, three days after Shakib and his ex-wife actress Apu Biswas had posted joyous statuses on their facebook pages, marking the birthday of their son Abraham Khan Joy.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bubly shared two photos of her growing baby bump on her Facebook  creating much curiosity in the minds of fans. Later she said she will disclose everything shortly.

The scenario took a new turn after Shakib and Bubly’s close family sources said that they have a two and a half-year old baby boy.

Several photos of Shakib-Bubly’s son Shehzad were released this morning.

Revealing the pictures, Bubly wrote, “We wanted to bring our child in front of everyone on an auspicious day. What Allah does is meant for collective good. We didn’t have to wait long to disclose this good news.”

She also said, “Shehzad Khan Bir is the son of Shakib Khan and me. He is our little prince. My child is my pride, my strength. I’m requesting you all to pray for our child.”

Shakib Khan also shared the similar post on his verified Facebook account with a picture of son Shehzad.

According to sources, Bubly gave birth to a baby boy at Long Island Jewish Medical Hospital in New York, USA on March 21, 2020.

The actress earlier went into hiding, after she gave birth to the child. She reportedly flew to the US in January 2020. After 9 months, she came back to Dhaka. 

Bubly made her acting debut with the film ‘Bossgiri’ opposite Shakib Khan in 2016. They have shared the screen in eight movies. Shakib-Bubly pair’s last released film was ‘Bir’ (2020). They also signed a film together last year titled ‘Leader: Ami e Bangladesh’.