Tuesday, 6 December, 2022

Ensure foolproof security during Durga Puja

Ensure foolproof security during Durga Puja

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As the Durga Puja celebration is gathering momentum across the country’s length and breadth, we congratulate Hindu community and hope that the festival will be held with all the fanfare it deserves, in peace and harmony. Although Durga Puja is the most important religious festival of the Bengali Hindus, over the years it has become an event that brings together the local community. The festivities spread positive vibes in society and invoke an atmosphere of peace and joy among members of all faiths.

Bangladesh has a long tradition of religious tolerance and communal harmony. But of late, sectarian militant outfits have gained ground and they along with a number of radical political parties like Jamaat are attacking religious festivals of different faiths. Quoting intelligence sources, a Daily Sun report informs that the militant groups have started regrouping to sabotage the Durga Puja in various parts of the country. This is a very ominous indication.

We have bitter experience of acts of sabotage in Puja Mandops in various parts of the country in the past. Those attacks were not only an attack on the members of religious minorities, but also an attack on the non-communal and pluralistic identity of Bangladesh. The force of intolerance that draws divisive lines across different faiths goes against the fabric of Bangladesh. Therefore, a concerted effort is a must to tackle the reactionary forces that wish to destabilize the country.

If the reign of terror cannot be stopped it would have a disastrous effect on our multi-religious and multicultural society. All political parties must bear the responsibility in charting a way out of this vicious cycle of terror. They must be able to take a united stand against the terrorists to safeguard the country.

The underlying message of the Durga Puja is of Truth winning over the Falsehood, Good winning over the Evil. As embodied by goddess Durga, we hope that society’s positive powers would slay evil forces. May Durga Puja’s spirit of good forces triumphing over evil forces prevail!