Saturday, 10 December, 2022

Apurba, Sabila’s ‘Shudhu Tumimoy’

Apurba, Sabila’s ‘Shudhu Tumimoy’

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Popular actors Ziaul Faruq Apurba and Sabila Nur will be seen in a single-episode drama titled ‘Shudhu Tumimoy’.

 Written by Jobaid Ahsan and directed by Mahmudur Rahman Himi, the play will be aired on Maasranga Television at 10:30pm today.

The story of the drama revolves around Hasan and Ishita. Hasan is a corporate executive and Ishita is a news presenter for a TV channel. They work in a same building. One day, Hasan confronts Ishita while getting into the office lift. Ishita attracts him like magic at first sight.

Since their office is in the same building, they meet occasionally. In the elevator or at the tea shop in the office lane. See each other, make eye contact but never speak. Later, Ishita says if Hasan likes her then he should come and say it in front of her. Then the story of the drama continues….