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Jahanara’s death anniv today

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  • 29 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Jahanara’s death anniv today

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Today is the 8th death anniversary of Begum Jahanara Rob, wife of late Abdur Rob also known as Boga Mia, former member of Constituent Assembly (MCA) of Pabna.

Begum Jahanara Rob was a Member of Parliament from Pabna and Bogura from 1973 to 1975. She was involved in various social and political activities.

After the Liberation of Bangladesh, she became the chairman of the Nari Punorbashon Shangstha in Pabna.

When Ziaur Rahman came to power, the government confiscated the house in Gulshan, which Bangabandhu gave Jahanara Rob after her husband had died. After a few days, the government of Ziaur Rahman offered her a position in BNP and promised to give her back the house. But Jahanara bluntly refused it.

During that time, some of her party colleagues joined BNP and assumed ministerships. She was an inspiring, polished and elegant woman. She did plenty of relief work in different periods. After the partition of 1947, a series of riots broke out in Pabna.

During that time, minority families (especially Hindus) took shelter in their house. She always took extra care of them. When she lived in Kolkata, she also extended her helping hands for the deprived community.

Jahanara Rob visited many countries and spent a big period in Kolkata during the Liberation War and undivided India.

She had an enormous power to mingle with other cultures, foods and liked to meet people from different countries to know about novel rituals and customs. She nicely blended herself with time and surroundings.