Monday, 28 November, 2022

Mysterious Disappearance of Rahima

PBI finds no evidence of abduction

KHULNA: Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has said that the disappearance of Rahima Begum, who was found alive in Faridpur, was not an incident of “abduction”.

“We did not find any evidence of abduction from her house in Khulna’s Daulatpur,” SP Syed Mushfiqur Rahman of PBI Khulna said on Wednesday

“We are still investigating the case and action will be taken if Rahima Begum had made false accusations about her disappearance,” the PBI

official said.

Meanwhile, family members of those arrested in the case have claimed that Rahima Begum’s daughter Moriom Mannan is the “mastermind” behind the mysterious disappearance.

They said that if Moriom and others involved in the incident are questioned, truth will be revealed.

On September 25, 2022, Rahima Begum, who remained “missing” for 29 days, was handed over to her family after her statement was recorded in

the court.

Later, she was taken to her younger daughter Aduri Akter’s house in Khulna’s Boyra area, said plaintiff’s lawyer Afruzzaman Tutul.

In her statement, Rahima provided detailed information on being “abducted over land dispute”.

She said she was abducted and taken to Chattogram. From there, she went to Faridpur on her own.

The night before, police rescued Rahima from Boalmari upazila of Faridpur.

“I was abducted by some unidentified men from in front of my house,” Rahima claimed when she met her family members at the PBI office in Khulna.

“Golam Kibria and Md Mohiuddin, two people with whom Rahima was at loggerheads over land, had forcefully collected her signature on a blank paper and left her at a remote place with only Tk 1000,” Mushfiqur quoted Rahima at the time.