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This Durga Puja is very special for me: Mim

This Durga Puja is very special for me: Mim

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National Award-winning actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim has been enthralling the audience with her fabulous performance over the years. The artiste, who has garnered huge appreciation for her role in the latest film ‘Poran’, will be seen in the upcoming star-studded film ‘Damal’.

In a recent conversation with the Daily Sun Correspondent Anindita Naheen, Mim talks about her puja plans, upcoming releases and many more.

 Where will you celebrate Durga Puja this year?    

 I haven’t decided yet where I will spend Durga Puja this year. I haven’t decided yet where I will spend Durga Puja this year. I will be in any of the three places----Dhaka, Rajshahi and Cumilla--- during the puja festival. This Durga Puja is very special for me because I will celebrate puja festival this year with my husband Soni Poddar. 

 Could you share any memorable incident over puja festival with us? 

I spent my childhood at my grandfather’s home in Rajshahi. I have a lot of fond memories there. One of my memorable events is that after winning the ‘Lux Superstar’, I went to celebrate the puja festival in Rajshahi. A boat race was held at that time on the Padma River. Everyone was coming towards my boat to see me. It seemed that the boat would capsize. I was very scared and happy at the same time that many people came to see me.

What things do you miss more during puja festival at this time?

 Due to my busy shooting schedules, I can’t enjoy puja like before. Though I do visit Puja Mandaps sometimes, I don’t get as excited as before. However, when I arrive at Puja Mandaps, a crowd gathered around me.

What are you now busy with? 

 My upcoming film ‘Damal’ is going to be released next month. I’m really excited about the film. The audience reactions we got after the trailer release was huge. I hope ‘Damal’ will win the hearts of the movie-goers.