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Vested quarter out to tarnish country’s image

► Controversy over Rahima Begum’s missing ► Her daughter Moriom is ‘addicted’ to drugs

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  • 26 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Vested quarter out to tarnish country’s image

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A vested section is deliberately making the incidents of disappearances and murders an issue to tarnish the image of the country.

However, a number of missing or disappeared people come back to their homes after a certain period of time.

On Saturday night, after 29 days of disappearance, Rahima Begum, the woman who went ‘missing’ from her home in Khulna, has been found in Faridpur.

Rahima Begum's disappearance has also created a mist of mystery across the country.

Few months ago, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said “Whenever anyone goes missing, they return after some days. The person may have gone into hiding for different reasons. These incidents are branded as incidents of enforced disappearance.”

Rahima Begum, 55, had been missing from Uttar Banikpara in Khulna since 27 August last month, said her daughter Moriom Mannan.

She later claimed that her mother had been kidnapped. They alleged that her mother was kidnapped because of a land dispute she had with some locals.

Moriom drew huge response on social media by spreading an appeal for finding her missing mother. Demonstrations were also organised to demand the authorities find her swiftly.

Individuals at the national level and common people on social media criticized the government on the issue and shared various opinions linking it to the disappearance.

However, police said that Rahima went into hiding by herself.

Rahima Begum went to collect water from the tube well of her house in Maheshwarpasha's Uttar Banikpara area of Daulatpur upazila in Khulna at around 10:30pm on 27 August and had been missing since then. Her children reportedly found her sandals, scarf and the pitcher she was carrying from the spot and reported it to the police.

Her family members filed a general diary with Daulatpur Police Station.

Later, one of Rahima Begum’s daughters, Adri Akhter, 22, filed a case with the police station accusing some people. Police have arrested six people in the case so far.          On September 10, Moriom Mannan broke down in tears in a human chain in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka demanding the return of her missing mother.

On September 14, a court ordered to transfer the case to the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI).

On September 20, Moriom Mannan met the Home Minister and sought help in rescuing her mother.

On Friday (23 September), Moriom Mannan claimed that the body of a woman which was recovered 12 days ago in Mymensingh was their mother’s.

Moriom said “My mother has been missing for 27 days. We are constantly looking for our mother. In the meantime, we have come here after receiving the news of the recovery of the body of an unidentified woman at Phulpur police station on 10 September. Apart from salwar-kameez, the forehead and hands in the picture seemed to be my mother.”

However, police said the age of the body was 28 to 32 years. Moriom’s mother is 55 years old. Moriom was informed by the police that it is not possible to confirm the identity of the body without a DNA test.

Moriom initially hesitated to take the DNA test but later applied for the DNA test.

Finally on Saturday night, police have found the woman alive from one Kuddus Molla’s house in Faridpur after 29 days.

Police said “Some 28 years ago, Kuddus Molla’s family used to live in Rahima Begum’s house on rent. Later, a few years ago, they moved to the village where Rahima had been hiding.”

Zainal, nephew of Kuddus Molla, told local reporters that after Rahima Begum coming to their house he called the mobile number given on Moriom Mannan’s Facebook account.

However, one of Moriom’s sisters-in-law received that call and requested Zainal not to call her again. Zainal said that he was surprised by that response.

In this case, the relatives of the accused claim that they are victims of conspiracy. They demanded a fair investigation against Moriom Mannan.

After the rescue of Rahima Begum, people who are following Moriom’s facebook post alleged that there must be a conspiracy. They demanded to grill family members of Rahima Begum to find out the motive behind the incident.

Netigen started posting negative comments from Sunday morning as they suspect the daughter's involvement in the hiding of her mother.

Moriom Mannan created another controversy in 2018 also. During the quota movement, Moriom Mannan accused her of being tortured in police custody. The police claimed that Moriom could not give a strong argument in favor of her claim.

Competent sources said Moriom is addicted to drugs and leads a very disorderly life.