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Puja shopping gains momentum in Khulna

  • Gazi Moniruzzaman
  • 25 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Puja shopping gains momentum in Khulna
Women are busy buying their dresses at a shopping centre in Khulna city on Saturday ahead of Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of Bengali Hindu community. – SUN PHOTO

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Khulna: Shopping centres and stores in Khulna city witnessed a mad rush of shoppers on Saturday as the six-day celebration of Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of Bengali Hindu community, is knocking at the door.

Hindu community people, especially women, were seen buying their favourite dresses, including sarees, salwar-kameezes, fatuas, panjabis, three pieces and suits. Young girls and women are also busy looking for the perfect accessories to complement their outfits. They include bags, jewellaries, and even cosmetics.

Besides, women and girls of affluent families are rushing to the beauty parlours while the affluent and fashionable males are visiting the costly salons.  

Shopping centers and hawkers’ markets in the city have launched new collections to attract and cater to Puja shoppers. The rush of customers at the shopping venues starts in the morning and continues until midnight.

The traditional dominance of red and white for Puja grabs has been sidelined with the infusion of many other brilliant colours to add individual expression to the festival.

Small shops are found more crowded than the big shopping malls. The middle-income groups have cut down their budget while the well-to-do section has almost completed their shopping.

The wealthy section who are in search of latest fashion in design are crowding shopping malls like posh Biponi Bitan (KDA New Market), Safe n Save, Western Plaza, Darji Bari, Cats I, Jalil Tower, Khulna Shopping Complex, Akhter Chember, Hazi Malek Chember, Esha Chember, Darbesh Chember and Meena Bazar.

The middle-income people and the poor sections of the society are rushing to Khanjahan Ali Hawker’s Market, Shohrawardi Hawker’s Market, SMA Rob Shopping Complex, Boro Bazar, Railway Biponi Bitan, Nixon Market, Khalishpur, Daulatpur market and footpaths for Puja shopping.

“It is autumn now, so I have chosen cotton for my designs in various kinds of hand works. Young girls are keen on wearing long kameezes and most of our puja dresses have been designed like this type of kameezes,” said Lutfun Haque Piya, owner of a handicraft enterprise named ‘Piya Boutiques.’

Sujit Kumar Shil, a private bank employee said, “I bought a cotton shirt for puja and am looking for a yellow panjabi to wear on Dashami.” Dashami is the tenth and concluding day of the grand festival.”

Nipa Debnath, a housewife who came to choose a saree for puja, said, “I bought a handloom saree with deep green and red colours.” Kazol Rani Das, a primary school teacher said, “I bought a stone set to match my saree and now I have come to the mall to buy some cosmetics.”

Monika Haldar, a university student said, she bought some imitation bangles to match her dresses for the occasion.

Managing Director of shopping mall ‘Safe n Save’ Md Asaduzzman Babu and many shop owners in the city have expressed their satisfaction with the sales and are expecting further sale in the next few days before Durga Puja.

Debasish Mondal, a grocer at the city’s Borobazaar area, talking to The Daily Sun, said they were now busy with providing goods to the buyers and had engaged extra manpower to provide goods to the shoppers.

Police, members of RAB and intelligence personnel both in uniforms and plain clothes are patrolling in the city. As a result incidents of mugging, burglary, extortion and other crimes have virtually disappeared. Besides, the authorities and owners of the business establishments have taken their own security measures to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.