Monday, 26 September, 2022

RTV sues JK Majlish over cheating

RTV sues JK Majlish over cheating
JK Majlish

‘Folk Station’ a programme of Bengal Media Corporation (RTV) has been broadcasted to uphold the lost rural songs before the mass people. After going to airing the programme it has gained immense popularity so that four seasons were made.

Music director and composer JK Majlish was assigned to rearrange the songs along with other composers. But over the allegation of cheating about the copyright of the songs, the Rtv authorities have sued against Majlish with capital’s Motijheel Police Station (case no. 28,15/09/2022) under the Digital Security Act. 

According to the information of the case, JK Majlish has been publishing the songs numbering about two hundred and fifty on YouTube claiming rights naming after him.

Moreover, JK Majlish is also broadcasting those songs on foreign online platforms though he worked for Rtv on a contract basis. A local firm named ‘Gaan Box’ is associating the process.

The Rtv authorities noticed JK Majlish about the steps taken by him. A legal notice also served to him. As Majlish was consciously not aware of the steps then Rtv authority filed case against him and other two people.

The other two accused are Jewel D Costa and owner of Gaan Box music.