Friday, 7 October, 2022

Kudos to our woman booters

Bangladesh women's national football team has lifted the nation up by clinching the SAFF Women's Championship title scoring a 3-1 victory over Nepal in an exiting match held at Kathmandu’s Dasharath Rangasala Stadium on Monday night. They presented the nation with the first South Asian regional football glory after a long period. It was in 2003 that the Bangladesh men's team won the SAFF title at their home ground, defeating the Maldives in the final. After a lull for 19 years, the women in red and green won a grade-one level football competition. Winning the hard-earned title, they have proven their worth and finally got recognition for their extraordinary feat in South Asian football. The victory will undoubtedly encourage them to win greater victories in international arena.  

Moreover, the woman booters have shown the way what their male counterparts failed to do over a long period. However, the victory of their sisters will encourage them to break the stalemate in football arena. Yet they have proven beyond doubt that they can rise to the occasion if they get a congenial environment. In our society, playing football is a big challenge for women. Many of the talented women have come from humble backgrounds. They live in a conservative atmosphere where girls playing football wearing shorts is hardly encouraged. Surmounting many obstacles, they have come to this stage.

The success of the lady booters is that they have been able to change the society’s negative attitude towards woman football. Earlier, many used to pass bad comments towards them, but after this victory, they realised their fault and are now congratulating them. Woman footballers should be provided with necessary support and training facilities for honing their skills so that they can achieve more successes and earn the nation more glories. Heightened honour and respect to the SAFF football champions will encourage more women to take up the challenging game. Countrywide talent hunt for women’s football should be continued vigorously.