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Many reluctant to take corona vaccine

No 1st, 2nd dose after October 3

  • Mohammad Al Amin
  • 20 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Many reluctant to take corona vaccine

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Many people are still reluctant to take coronavirus vaccine jabs across the country, causing several thousand unused coronavirus vaccines to expire by November this year.

Health experts have emphasised the need to receive the vaccine immediately as they fear that the virus still exists in the country and it may take a serious turn at any time if further deadly mutants come and spread across the world, including in Bangladesh.

"Vaccines come in different lots in phases. That’s why some unused vaccines will expire in October, some in November, and some in December. If people do not take the first dose, 57,000 vaccines will expire in October," Dr. Md Shamsul Haque, Line Director (MNC & AH) of DGHS, told the Daily Sun.

He said the DGHS will run a weeklong special vaccination campaign to inoculate people with the first dose, second dose, and third or booster dose of the vaccine from September 28 to October 3.

"We can’t continue the vaccination activities round the year. People must take their vaccines immediately. No first dose and second dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be given after October 3," the DGHS official said.

The health directorate sources said a large number of people are to receive the first dose, many others the second dose, and the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, which keeps a large number of the jabs still unused.

According to sources at the DGHS, the government has collected around 300 million shots of the vaccine and administered a total of around 290 million shots as first, second, and third or booster doses.

Some 13,11,27364 doses have been administered as the first dose, 121,583776 as the second dose, and 44928916 jabs have been administered as the third or booster dose in the country till September 18.

The DGHS sources said over 30 lakh people hadn’t taken their first dose of the vaccine yet in the country.

The health ministry sources said if the rest of the people do not get vaccinated, a large number of vaccine doses will expire after November,              which may create a bad impression of the country across the world. At the same time, the unvaccinated will also remain unprotected.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, a number of people who haven’t taken the coronavirus vaccine yet in the country said they didn’t take the vaccine just because of their disinterest and laziness in going to the vaccination centres.

"I didn’t take the corona vaccine but I was not affected by the virus. So, I didn’t feel an urgency to take the vaccine," Zakia, a mother of two children and resident of the city’s Mirpur area, told the Daily Sun.

However, health experts have emphasised receiving the coronavirus vaccine in a bid to keep all others protected from the deadly virus.

"Though it appears that the coronavirus has turned into a normal cold-related disease, it may become devastating again at any time if a further mutant coronavirus with deadly characteristics comes along," said the country's noted virologist, Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, also a former Vice Chancellor of BSMMU.

The country’s coronavirus situation has deteriorated further over the last week as the daily infection rate has already crossed 10 percent here this week.

The DGHS report said 601 new coronavirus-infected patients were reported in the country in the last 24 hours till Monday morning.  During that time frame, an infection rate of 11.60 percent was reported.

Following the increase in transmission of the virus, the National Technical Committee on COVID-19 has given five recommendations to contain coronavirus transmission in the country.

The recommendations include people who are not vaccinated yet and have to take their first, second, or booster doses of vaccine against coronavirus as soon as possible.

"The coronavirus still exists in our country. We have to take the vaccine in a bid to ensure self-protection and to keep protecting others, especially those who have co-morbidity," Prof Dr Nazmul Islam, spokesperson of the DGHS, told the Daily Sun.

The health ministry said almost 33 lakh people are yet to get the first dose of the vaccine in the country.

"Nearly 33 lakh people have not received their first dose of jab yet, while 94 lakh people have not received their second dose of the vaccine across the country," the health minister said on Saturday.

He said after the month of October, there is a possibility of the first and second doses of the vaccine being out of stock.

According to the health ministry, 30 crore doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered across the country, with 10 lakh children receiving the vaccines and another 2.15 lakh waiting in line.

According to the health ministry, some 2.5 lakh people are working to ensure the vaccination, and of them, 60,000 are administering the vaccines.