Friday, 30 September, 2022

Go tough on criminals

Go tough on criminals

A Daily Sun report on worsening law and order situation has raised great concern among the city residents. As per the report, 16 city points have now turned into safe havens for criminals. Crimes like mugging, doping and extortion are taking place regularly on those spots, creating panic among the commuters and local inhabitants. Despite arrest of 500 such criminals by RAB from the city spots in last eight months, no respite from criminal activities is in sight. Rising incidents of criminal activities in this bustling city has already generated fear among the peace-loving residents.

 Inadequate response on the part of the law enforcers might be the reason of recent surge in crimes. At least, a latest statement of the DMP deputy commissioner (media and public relations) on bail issue testifies to it. He stated that the arrested criminals usually return to their old business after coming out of jail on bail. The phenomenon has contributed to the increase in crimes. If the criminals are allowed to go out without any accountability for their actions and the crimes they have committed, it is dangerous as it has made us all less safe.

If such is the situation, the bail-related law should be reformed immediately for the sake of public safety and security. And, it is DMP that should take the initiative in this regard. As crime sees a sharp rise in the capital, members of law enforcement agencies should go tough on criminals. A zero-tolerance policy should be adopted to contain crimes from not only in Dhaka, but also in other parts of the country. Law enforcers should be instructed to remain ever alert to keep the law and order under control. Initially, they should make a list of muggers, dopers and extortionists before launching a crackdown on them.

Members of DMP should conduct regular raids to bust the dens of criminals. Proper attention should also be given to improve the overall situation and public safety.