Thursday, 8 December, 2022

Bangla-dubbed ‘NGK’ on Bongo

Why are audiences crazy about South super star Sai Pallavi? Sai’s films are more entertaining. She simply convinces with her natural beauty, superb acting, awesome dancing and social appeal. If you are a true Sai fan, then we have great news to share.

Bongo, the leading Bangla streaming platform, publishes Sai Pallavi and Suriya’s first political drama ‘NGK’ today. The film is a mixed masala of romance, comedy, drama, tragedy and full of mind-blowing action scenes.

Nanda Gopal Kumar (Suriya), nicknamed NGK, is an environmental engineering graduate who resigns from his job to take up organic farming. He is a do-gooder who always has people's welfare and best interest in mind. The youngsters of his small-town look up to him as a role model. However, the local politicians envy his reach among the local youth. He lives with his loving parents and a caring but possessive wife (Sai Pallavi). Ultimately a clash between city politicians and NGK erupts. How can NGK achieve a fair share for the less privileged in a corrupted political system? And what role does NGK’s wife play in this political thriller plot?

To find out, enjoy NGK in Bangla Dubbed Version this Friday on OTT platform Bongo.

‘NGK’ was released in theaters on May 31, 2019.