Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Election roadmap unveiled

All parties should cooperate

All parties should cooperate

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It is said that good planning is the halfway to success. Given that, it is a laudable initiative that the Election Commission (EC) has finalised and announced its roadmap for next parliamentary elections scheduled to be held at the end of the next year. The EC has expressed their hope that they will succeed in organising a free, fair, acceptable and participatory election. It also hoped that all political parties will participate in the next polls in spite of their differences on various issues. At the same time, the EC also acknowledged that there are a lot of questions, and a lack of trust, which, they believe, will be removed with time by their course of actions in the coming days.

The 12th parliamentary election is very vital for the future of Bangladesh’s democratic practice. As this crucial national poll is going to be held under an election-time political government, despite the disagreement of opposition political parties, all the stakeholders should have been dependent on the Election Commission. Thus, it is expected that they would earn the trust of all the political parties and the people through their actions in this one year and a half and will arrange a credible election.

It is true that holding a free, fair and credible election, as one of the election commissioners said, is not possible for the Election Commission alone without sufficient support from other stakeholders like public administration, law enforcement agencies, political parties, candidates and voters. But the main responsibility lies with the EC. They are the body to ensure that political parties would be able to compete in the electoral process freely and fairly, individuals would be free to participate in politics and the election process based on their own choice, every adult would apply their voting right equally with equal weight and the outcome of the election or vote counting would be accurate and legitimate. If the EC can make all these above mentioned variables available in the process, it will be widely acclaimed for holding a free, fair and credible election. We hope to achieve the desired goal of conducting a free and fair election with the proper and timely implementation of the roadmap.