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Carpooling app ZigZag Car to be launched soon

  • Jannatul Islam
  • 12 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Bangladesh is getting its first ever app-based carpooling service on long distance which gained popularity across the world for supporting less carbon emission.

ZigZag Car, a carpooling platform, is nothing but sharing a car with other passengers who are traveling in the same direction. So, instead of four people driving four cars, one car can be shared with the other three people.

By carpooling, the passenger can take three cars out of the road. The concept is very simple, but the effect it has on reducing traffic congestion and carbon dioxide is significant.

From the Middle East to India, the online carpooling service is coming into the forefront when the green activists have been advocating for less use of cars for protecting the earth from greenhouse effect.

Officials of the platform claimed that the service will connect the drivers and passengers on the same routes through navigating global positioning system (GPS) on its artificial intelligence-powered mobile app. The car will pick up the passenger from his location and drop him to the destination without any hassle of searching vehicles midway.

ZigZag Car co-founder and CEO KM Aminur Rahman said the digital platform will allow users to experience premium mobility on fixed routes prior to reserve and in-app payment.

“The app will verify the driver and passenger digitally and connect themselves with social links to know each other as a community practice. The app will lead to the best practices of automobiles in a sustainable way,” he said. From the beginning, the app-based service pledged insurance coverage for drivers and passengers.

Public transportation is very expensive in Bangladesh. Long distance travel has to be improved a lot in Bangladesh due to non- availability of bus, train seats and not being affordable during peak seasons. Bangladeshi commuters are grappling with inflation and are turning to alternative sources of transport in an effort to save money amid the recent hike of fuel price.

“We have tons of cars who are traveling from one city to another and on the other hand we have millions of empty car seats on our roads every day which is uneconomical and a waste for everyone,” added Aminur.

How ZigZag App works

Zigzag Car is enabling the drivers and passengers to go on the same route. For example, a Chattogram bound person, X can post his trip schedule on Zigzag Car’s App.

And person A, B, C, who want to ride along the same route, will share the ride and split the cost. The Zigzag Car plays a matchmaker between passengers and drivers in a similar way.

The co-founder claimed the ZigzagCar App offers an alternative which is affordable, social, and convenient for everyone when the bus is the major mode of transportation solution for long distances in Bangladesh.

“Zigzag Car will offer door-to-door travel ensuring safety. We create a unique marketplace for both car owners and passengers so that both can make a choice on whom they want to travel with. This will also help interact with new people and socialise during travel,” he said.

The platform will  keep educating people about the concept and how trust and safety are built. The concept of carpooling is very much new in Bangladesh, the official claimed.

Zigzag Car is building innovation in a way that enabled the ridesharing revolution to take off. With smartphones, people can now offer or book seats on-the-go. With user profiles and social networks, people can get to know each other online before meeting en route.

The co-founder of ZigZag Car dreams to develop a mobility tech from Bangladesh which will serve the global arena in near future leveraging local talent pools.

The number of private passenger cars stood at 394.09 thousand and 113.53 thousand microbuses were registered till August this year, according to Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).


Jannatul Islam is with Daily Sun. He can be reached over email at [email protected]