Friday, 30 September, 2022

Digital land service to be turned into smart service

Digital land service to be turned into smart service

The Ministry of Land has started the process of converting Digital Land Service into Smart Land Service, said a press release.

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury has asked officials concerned to take this initiative to keep the Ministry of Land on the same page in the overall plan of the government to transform from Digital Bangladesh to Smart Bangladesh.

A plan to make the e-mutation system smart has been taken up experimentally in the programme of setting up digital and smart land services under the supervision of Land Secretary Md Mustafizur Rahman PAA.

As part of this, a question-based guided smart e-mutation form has been designed.

Besides, a provision has been made to upload the applicable data and files stored on the government server during the online registration application. As a result, the applicants can easily and quickly fill out the e-mutation form. The updated system has separate registration forms for institution company-owned land and individual-owned land. In addition, the form has been updated to facilitate the accurate filling of the land mutation application transferred from the purchase Hiba. This smart system is going to be fully implemented by this month.

Ministry of Land has also taken the initiative to open suitable government data information related to land services to ensure good governance in land administration and to make land services more people-oriented. It will make land administration more transparent and accountable and promote opportunities of value creation By making suitable government information and data open. e-mutation has been selected first here too. More data will be released as needed in the future. However, information or data critical to national and personal security will never be disclosed.

It is to be noted that, the number of national, divisional, and district e-mutation applications, approval rate, and average disposal of the last 90 days can be seen by visiting the National Land Service Platform and clicking on the e-Mutaion tab thereafter. Besides, there is an opportunity to see the latest status of one‘s application.

Earlier the Ministry of Land won the prestigious ‘United Nations Public Service Award - 2020’ for the e-mutation system.