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Suicide trend among students multiplies

364 kill selves in 8 months

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  • 10 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Suicide trend among students multiplies

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The number of the students committed suicide has multiplied as 364 students of different educational institutions in the country committed suicide in a period between January and August 2022.

The number of the students who committed suicide in 2021 was 101.

Aachal Foundation, an organisation working on mental health of students, revealed the information at a virtual press conference on Friday.

The organisation says suicide rate is high among school students. Among those who committed suicide, 194 were school students.

Of the students who committed suicide during this time, some 76 studied in colleges, 50 in universities and 44 in madrassa.

Considering the level of education, it has been seen that 53.30 percent of students committed suicide from primary to secondary schools. At the same time, 20.88 percent of college students, 13.74 percent of university students and 12.09 percent of madrassa students committed suicide.

Some 60.71 percent of students who committed suicide were female students and 39.29 percent were male students, the study found.

Among university students who committed suicide, 60 percent were male students and 40 percent were female students while among the college students, 46.05 percent were male and 53.95 percent were female students.

Among the school going students who committed suicide, some 32.99 percent were male and 67.01 percent were female students and among madrassa students 39.29 percent were male and 60.71 percent were female students. The survey disclosed that an average of more than 45 students committed suicide every month. Suicide rates are highest among the students aged between 14 and 16 years. Some 160 students of this age have committed suicide.

During the eight months, most students committed suicide due to their failure in love affairs. Some 25.27 percent of the students killed selves after being cheated in romantic relationships.

Some 24.73 percent of the students chose to commit suicide out of huff while 7.42 percent committed suicide due to disagreement with family and 6.59 percent due to family conflict, the survey revealed.

Some 4.67 percent of students committed suicide due to rape or sexual harassment while 6.59 percent for mental problems, 0.82 percent due to study pressure, 0.82 percent for depression following session jam and 1.92 percent students committed suicide after being failed in examinations.

Dhaka is at the top in terms of the location of suicides. Some 25.27 percent students have committed suicide in the last 8 months in Dhaka while the rate is 16.48 percent in Chattogram division, 14.01 percent in Khulna division, 8.78 percent in Rangpur division, 9.62 percent in Barishal division, 7.42 percent in Mymensingh division, 14.1 percent in Rajshahi division and 4 percent in Sylhet division.

Aachal Foundation said they conducted this survey after verifying the information of 150 national and local newspapers.