Wednesday, 5 October, 2022

Grill workshop worker Momin marries 10 girls thru cheating

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 2 September, 2022 12:00 AM
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Mominul Islam, a worker of a grill workshop in Dinajpur, has married 10 girls by introducing himself as a senior judicial magistrate, a banker and an engineer to them on facebook.

He used to introduce himself as a senior judicial magistrate or a senior government officer or a banker or an engineer to his targeted young girls on the largest social media site.

Using the above designations and his name as Mamun Islam, he made relationship with the targets. At one point of his relationship, he gave a marriage proposal.

After the marriage, he filmed private moments and scenes by which he blackmailed them and took a handsome amount of money from each.

Mominul has so far married 10 women and blackmailed all of them. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police arrested him in Khansama in Dinajpur on Wednesday.

SM Ashraful Alom, special superintendent (CPC) of the CID, provided the information while addressing a press briefing at the CID Headquarters in the capital on Thursday.

The CID found video conversation and nude videos of 50 girls with him in his two mobiles, he added.

He further said five copies of ‘nikah nama’ and some other things were seized from him.

Mominul, 30, son of Abdus Sattar of Gobindapur in Khansama upazila of Dinajpur, was arrested in a case filed by a victim with Paltan Police Station in the capital.

Quoting the victim, the police officer said Mominul sent a friend request to the victim by introducing himself as a senior judicial magistrate. Day by day, their ‘relationship’ reached new heights.

According to the CID officer, one day, they decided to marry. On the day of marriage, he sent a fake nikah nama to the girl, saying he was very busy with government work.

Believing his words, the victim signed the nikah nama and sent it to him.

After a few days, Mominul went to the girl’s house and married her as per Shariah. After that, they lived as a ‘couple’ for a few days.

The arrestee filmed private moments and objectionable photos of the girl during the ‘conjugal’ life.

Later on, he showed the videos to the girl and demanded a handsome amount of money from her by intimidating of spreading those social media.

To protect herself from social stigma, the victim paid the amount to the accused. But, he continued to harass her and so she filed the case.

The CID officer said Mominul also blackmailed the girls whose objectionable videos were found in his mobile phones.

Not only that, he cheated many people in the name of giving them government jobs and arranging government foreign tours with different ministers.