Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

BSBMC dorms need urgent repair

We find it deeply worrisome that a good number of residential students of Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College (BSBMC) are living with the fear of an imminent danger to their lives because of the dilapidated condition of their dormitories. The constant fear has prompted them to stage demonstrations in front of the academic building on Wednesday, demanding safe residential facilities. It is indeed ironic that the students are being forced to demonstrate for something which the authorities should have ensured pro-actively.

Reportedly, there are six separate halls for female and male students in the medical college and all are in dilapidated conditions. Many parts of these halls look horrible as huge cracks have developed on the walls and ceilings. The protesting students have complained that peeled-off plasters from the roofs of the dilapidated buildings often fall on them. Some of them have already been injured in such incidents.

Strangely enough, the authorities have declared one of the halls unsafe a long time ago, and yet no initiative has been taken to repair it or to relocate the students from that hall. This is nothing but sheer and unpardonable negligence, which may cause the death or injury of students at any time. The students have given an ultimate of seven days to the authorities to initiate repair work in the halls. 

We urge the medical college authorities to take immediate steps in this regard. We must not forget the Jagannath Hall tragedy of Dhaka University in 1985 when 39 students and staff members died. Carelessness and indifference may again invite a similar tragedy at the medical college. Therefore, it is hoped that immediate steps will be taken to repair the dormitories.

The dormitories shelter valuable lives and remain abuzz round the clock. Every year, in the course of pursuing higher education, thousands come to stay in the dormitories and thousands go out. If the students have to fear for their lives due to the rundown condition of their dorms, how would they pay attention to their academic activities?