Sunday, 2 October, 2022

Renovation of Ramna park

Renovation of Ramna park

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Visitors these days flocking Ramna park must be surprised by the new look of the most beautiful and popular public park in Dhaka. A number of photographs published in yesterday’s Daily Sun presents an eye-catching view of the park with vistas of sublime greenery, newly added recreational facilities in tune with the greenery, walkways around the vast lake and areas of pristine and restorative silence. What more the park-goers could ask for!

Located at the capital’s nerve centre, Ramna park has been a breathing space for city dwellers who long for leaving behind urban nuisances such as traffic jams, sound pollution and air pollution. It is also a popular spot for   morning walkers. Therefore, the authorities have done great public service by properly up-keeping and renovating the park. However, we think this could serve as an example for preserving and renovating other parks in Dhaka, as the parks and open spaces have been alarmingly declining in the city.

For example, just on the south side of Ramna Park, there lies the sprawling Suhrawardy Udyan, which is a historically important park. But this park is not as lucky as Ramna Park. Anti-social and anti-environmental activities are rampant in Suhrawardy Udyan and it is baffling the authorities have been turning a blind eye to it. The authorities responsible for the maintenance of Suhrawardy Udyan should take a few cues from Ramna park authorities and follow their footsteps. 

Dhaka already fears poorly in terms of availability of open spaces, compared with other cities in the region and all across the world. The city dwellers who long for leaving behind the hustle and bustle have little breathing space. A healthy city must have 25 per cent area designated for open spaces, but Dhaka has only eight percent. And this remaining public space is also diminishing because of encroachment by various quarters.

Loss of open spaces and parks could be one of the reasons for which the city has been losing livability gradually. Therefore, it is high time to preserve the remaining parks in Dhaka.