Sunday, 25 September, 2022

Manpower Export

No scope to be complacent

No scope to be complacent

Given the current volatile economic condition across the globe, it is a great piece of news that the migration of Bangladeshi workers may break all previous records in 2022, expanding the range of destinations and ensuring long-term economic benefits to the country. According to yesterday’s lead news of this daily, some 691,017 Bangladeshi workers have gone abroad in the first seven months of this year; the number is 361,022 more compared to the same period of the last year. If this trend continues, 2022 will be a record-breaking year in terms of sending Bangladeshi workers abroad. With the new record of workers’ migration, inward remittance is expected to break all previous records in the current fiscal year, thanks to the government for taking a number of steps in this regard.

It was imperative to focus on diversifying its labour migration destinations to remain risk-free amid geopolitical turmoil. The government has worked accordingly and the country is now waiting to reap the benefits. However, there is still something carping since most of these migrants are destined for the Gulf States and the Malaysian labour market is yet to be opened. Such dependency on a particular region can make the manpower sector vulnerable as any unrest in the Middle Eastern countries may affect the remittance earnings severely. Though sending workers to a number of new labour markets, including Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and several other countries of the African continent like Senegal, Burundi and Seychelles has begun, it does not still reach such a level to depend on. Hopefully, with the opening of a new labour market, skill development and increased labour migration, the inflow of remittance will be augmented considerably.

However, there is no scope for the authorities concerned to be complacent, but rather they should set the target to transform the remittance sector into the largest contributor to country’s foreign exchange earning defeating the RMG sector since the demand for skilled workers is omnipresent across the globe. If we want to make our huge population resource, making concentrated efforts is an imperative that, in return, will make our economy sustainable. Therefore, we must give due importance to properly unlocking the potential of the sector and utilising it properly to make it an indispensable tool for our economic progress.