Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Shajal, Snigdha’s ‘Subarnabhumi’ to be released in December

Shajal, Snigdha’s ‘Subarnabhumi’ to be released in December

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Promising actress Jannatul Ferdous Snigdha has debuted on the big screen with Zahid Hossain- directed film ‘Sonar Chor’. The actress now will be seen in a new movie titled ‘Subarnabhumi’ under the direction of same filmmaker.

Actor Abdun Noor Shajal will play lead role in the liberation war-based movie. Zahid Hossain himself also has written the story, dialogues and screenplay of the film. 

According to director Zahid Hossain, the film will be released in December this year. 

In the movie, Shajal has played the role of freedom fighter Kudrat, who is basically a writer. Who wrote a novel named ‘Subarnabhumi’ about all the events of the Liberation War. Snigdha played the role of Noori opposite Shajal. 

About acting in the movie, Shajal said, “The story of the liberation war attracts me very much. Zahid Hossain bhai is a very talented director. He has made the movie with a lot of effort. Besides, Snigdha did well as a newcomer. My best wishes to her.”

Snigdha is very excited to play such an important role for the first time. “Zahid Hossain sir gave me the opportunity to act in the movie. This is a great achievement for me. After ‘Sonar Chor’, I’ve worked again with the same team for ‘Subarnabhumi’. Shajal bhai is a very talented artiste, I’m also grateful for the support he has given me. After all, I’ve tried my best to present myself in the role of Noori. I’m very hopeful about the film”, she shared.

 Zahid Hossain said, “All the work for the film is almost completed. The film will be submitted to sensor board soon. We have a plan to release the film in December, the month of victory.