Wednesday, 5 October, 2022

Chandni’s dance drama based on ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni, known as Chandni is a model, actress and dancer. She started her acting career with the film ‘Dukhai’ as a child actor. She also won an award in the dance category in ‘Notun Kuri’, a reality talent hunt show for child artistes aired on Bangladesh Television.

Now the actor-dancer will sharpen her talent as a director. Chandni has made a dance drama based on the fairy tale ‘Beauty and the Beast'. She will also play the role of Beauty in the dance drama.

The 12-minute dance drama will be released online. The original story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be presented through dance, the actress said. 

Golam Kibriya has also performed in the dance drama. Apart from this, Chandni has also lent her voice to a song titled ‘Jani Na’. The song is written by her mother Fatema Begum.

Chandni informed the dance drama will be released

this month.