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Commuters suffer as buses charging excessive fares

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  • 9 August, 2022 12:00 AM
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Commuters suffer as buses charging excessive fares

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A chaotic situation was prevailing in the transport sector across the country, including the capital, on Monday over charging passengers exorbitant bus fares.

Conductors of most of the public buses plying in the capital were charging passengers excessive fares, ignoring the government-fixed rate, many commuters alleged.

The number of buses was also less than usual in the capital on Monday, causing sufferings for the commuters. People were seen waiting for buses on the roads to go their destinations.

Many commuters were seen jostling for getting on buses packed heavily with passengers. This situation was seen in many areas, including Gabtobli, Mirpur, Uttara, Rampura and Shahbagh.

Rickshaw, CNG-run auto-rickshaws, human haulers, and ridesharing services have also doubled their fares.

Altercation between passengers and transport workers took place in many areas of the capital. This situation will continue until the fare chart is published, many said.

Bus passengers are now counting Tk 5 to Tk 15 more than the previous fare, depending on the distance, a commuter said.  

Earlier, bus fare for journey from Madanpur to Abdullahpur was Tk 70. Now it has increased to Tk 85.

Talking to some bus drivers and passengers on different city routes, it is learnt that new fare has been fixed following the fuel price hike, but fare chart is yet to be prepared.         Altercation between transport workers and passengers took place in different areas.

Nayan a passenger of Asmani Paribahan bus, said he travels regularly from Subastu Nazarvali in Badda to Banasree Ideal School and College.

“I used to pay Tk 10 for a short distance (4 km). Bus fare for this distance should not be more than Tk 10. But now I have to pay Tk 15,” he added.

According to the new decision, bus fare has increased by about 16.5 percent in the capital.

Anarchy over excessive fare was seen in Badda, Rampura, Kakrail, Shahbagh, Karwan Bazar, Farmgate and Mohakhali areas. Almost all the buses here are going by the government-fixed rate.

Many passengers say that bus fares have increased by 16 percent due to the fuel price hike. But in some cases, transport workers are charging fare more than 50 percent.