Sunday, 25 September, 2022

Alauddin Ali’s 2nd death anniv today

Alauddin Ali’s 2nd death anniv today

Today is the second death anniversary of the country’s noted music director and composer Alauddin Ali.

Born in 1952, Alauddin Ali has contributed a lot to Bengali music and culture. He has composed many songs and directed music for more than 300 films.

He started his career as a film instrumentalist and assistant to composer Altaf Mahmud in 1968. He made his debut as a music composer through the patriotic song ‘O Amar Bangla Maa Tor’. Ali’s first film as a music director was ‘Shondhikkhon’ (1975).

In 1978, Alauddin Ali made his breakthrough by composing songs for the film ‘Golapi Ekhon Traine’. He composed two songs ‘Achen Amar Moktar’ and ‘Haire Kopal Mondo, Chokh Thakite Ondho’ for that film. Another film named Fakir Majnu Shah was released in the same year. The songs ‘Premer Agune, Sobai Bole Boyosh Bare’ and ‘Chokher Nojor Emni Koira’ were composed by Alauddin Ali.

 He won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Music Director five times. He also won the Best Music Composer award for the film ‘Laal Doriya’ (2002) and the Best Lyrics award for ‘Premik’ (1985).

The prominent musician breathed his last on August 9 in 2020.