Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Bangladesh must gain diplomatically

Bangladesh must gain diplomatically

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During the last couple of days, people of the country and elsewhere in the world witnessed hectic diplomatic efforts in Dhaka on the part of two global powers – China and the USA. It was a rare event where top ranking diplomats of the two countries were on a visit to Dhaka at the same time, obviously with a view to winning Bangladesh to their respective sides on a number of vital issues. Bangladesh also has a number of important issues, in which it needs support and cooperation from both of these friendly countries. The all-important visits of the Foreign Minister of China and US Assistant Secretary of State brought Bangladesh to the focal point of contemporary diplomatic pursuits. This, among others, indicates that the country has already occupied a prestigious position in the global arena through its relentless efforts to achieve higher economic statuses and active role in various international forums.

During his visit, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi assured that they will always remain beside us in our development efforts and will work together to elevate the existing relationship to an even higher level. China is our time tested friend and development partner and always extended support in our development pursuits. We are happy to note that they will be doing so as and when we are in need of their cooperation. The huge trade gap between China and Bangladesh is a case for concern for us. In a bid to narrow down this gap, China – like a friend in deed – agreed to include more of our products in their list of duty-free access to their market, raising the facility to 98 per cent in place of existing 97 per cent. Another important achievement for Bangladesh is that Wang Yi re-assured Chinese support for Rohingya repatriation. China also did not go back empty handed; Bangladesh unequivocally reiterated its long adhered ‘One-China Principle’, for which Chinese FM happily thanked Bangladesh.

USA and Bangladesh have a multi-dimensional relationship and also many issues of common interests. US support for Rohingya repatriation is vitally important for us. We also need withdrawal of US sanctions upon our elite force Rapid Action Battalion. Hopefully, both the countries will be benefitted much from US Assistant Secretary of State Michele J Sison’s latest Dhaka visit.