Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Shafiq Tuhin’s ‘Bondhu’ released

Shafiq Tuhin’s ‘Bondhu’ released
Shafiq Tuhin and Salma Sultana

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National Film Award-winning singer and composer Shafiq Tuhin’s new song ‘Bondhu’, featuring poem by Salma Sultana was released on Saturday night.

The friendship day special track has been released on Gaanchill Music’s YouTube channel.

The song, depicts the emotions of two long-lost friends, has been beautifully composed by Shafiq Tuhin and penned by Salma Sultana.

Some lyrics of the song are—‘Akaron Obhimaner Shei Dingulo Koi’, ‘Smriti Niye Ajo Ami Bibhor Hoye Jai’, Bondhu Kothai Re Tu?...

The music of the track has been arranged by Rafi Mohammad while Arnab has choreographed the music video.