Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Babu stars in two new films

Babu stars in two new films

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Fazlur Rahman Babu is one of the most popular small and big screen actors of the country. the versatile artiste  has been entertaining the audience by his powerful performance for over the years.

Babu was a banker. Due to his deep passion for acting, he brought himself to a position in the media industry.

The five times National Film Award-winning actor is now working in two new films titled ‘Dui Diner Duniya’ and ‘Jamdani’.

‘Dui Diner Duniya’ is a web film. Debi-famed filmmaker Anam Biswas is directing the film while government-funded movie ‘Jamdani’ is being directed by Anirudh Russell.

About the movies, Babu said, “I’m blessed that I’m constantly getting love from the audience for my acting. But, it is true that I have to work hard to reach today’s position. So, when I go to work in a movie, then I always give importance on the story and the character.” 

“The director and co artistes are also very important. The stories of the movies ‘Dui Diner Duniya’ and ‘Jamdani’ are really to my liking. I hope the audience will enjoy the films”, he added.

Babu started his television acting career in the soap opera ‘Mrittu Khuda’ in 1991. Babu is a singer too. He emerged as a singer when he performed two songs in the film Monpura.  

The noted actor has been awarded National Film Awards for his performances in the movies ‘Shankhnaad’, ‘Meyeti Ekhon Kothay Jabe’, ‘Gohin Baluchar’, ‘Fagun Hawaay’ and ‘Bishwasundari’.