Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Megh to join ‘Kautik Int’l Film Fest’ as jury

Bangladeshi filmmaker, screenwriter Monjurul Islam Megh has been invited as an international jury member of ‘Kautik International Film Festival 2022’ in India.

The film fest will be held on December 2 to 4 at Marchula, Uttarakhand, and a pilgrimage destination for the natural beauty of the Himalayas, Bhavar and Terai regions of Northern India.

Rajesh Shah, director of the festival, confirmed the invitation of Megh as a jury via email.

Megh said, “I have previously served as a jury in many international film festivals, but It feels good to be invited as a jury by Kautik International Film Fest, because this festival competes subject-based selective films, which are very aesthetic in their variety of subjects. Hope this festival experience will enrich me.”