Friday, 19 August, 2022

Identifying Fake Detectives

New uniform for DB police soon

The Detective Branch (DB) of police is going to introduce new uniform for its members soon so that they can identify fake detective policemen.

The move has been taken as criminals in guise of detective police commit different crimes in the capital and elsewhere in the country.

DB sources said an organised gang of criminals posing them as detective police roam the streets in the capital.

Many city-dwellers often fall prey to the armed gangsters and lost their cash, mobile phones, gold ornaments and other valuables.

Passengers of auto-rickshaws and other three-wheelers usually fall victim to the gangsters, the sources added.

In most cases, fake policemen with police uniform, handcuffs, walky-talky and microbuses lie in wait at strategic points in the capital for their targets.

Taking advantages of the situation, they swoop on their targets, pick up them in their vehicles and blindfold and handcuff them.

Finally, the criminals release them in exchange for money.

In recent times, law enforcers have arrested a number of such the gangsters.

About the fake DB uniform, DMP Additional Commissioner (DB) Harun –or-Rashid said, “The previous uniform of DB police could be copied very easily. It could be made anywhere.”

In guise of DB police, fake DB members use toy pistols and handcuffs while committing robberies and other crimes. So, the image of the DB police is being undermined.

As part of the digitalisation process of the police force, the higher authorities of the Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police have added QR codes to the uniform of DB police, Harun said, replying to a query.

 In this, by scanning the QR code attached to the DB police uniform through mobile phone apps, complete correct information will be available.

Harun said, “DB's Quick Response (QR) code has three things attached. There will be secret numbers, detective police monograms and colored logos. Also, the new uniform of the detective police will have some more secret features which we are not publishing.”

DB sources said the present jacket of DB police was quite old. Due to the longtime use of this jacket, many fraudsters make it from abroad and use it in criminal activities.

There are allegations of trapping people. In different times, exact copies of the jacket have been found with fake DB members. A new jacket has been added to the DB so that no one gets scammed like this in the future.

This jacket cannot be duplicated. DMP DB's new jacket has the first secret number, Quick Response Code or QR code system in combination with Intelligence Department and Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

The new jacket uses colorful logos of DB and Dhaka Metropolitan Police, which are easily visible. The night light on the jacket will make the presence of DB police visible from a distance.

The new DB jacket features various pockets, allowing DB members to keep essential notebooks, pens and papers safe during expeditions.

Meanwhile, DB police in a drive in Motijheel of the capital on Sunday night arrested a gang of six criminals who identified them as DB men and got involved in different crimes.

The striking team also seized three jackets, a handcuff, a baton (stainless steel), two holsters, three pistol-like toy pistols, a walkie-talkie (toy), five cheque books of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited accounts in different names, a Noah microbus and a 'Police' sticker from their possession.

DMP Additional Commissioner (DB) Harun-or-Rashid provided the information at a press conference at DMP media centre on Monday.

"Recently, a gang of robbers using fake DB identity is targeting those who are making big transactions in banks and kidnapping them in DB identity," he said.