Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Acute water crisis in Kuril

Acute water crisis in Kuril

A news item in yesterday’s Daily Sun informs that the people in Kuril area are facing acute water shortage for the last seven days, with the situation turning extremely worse in the last three days. Although water shortage is a perennial problem in Dhaka city, the authorities could not give satisfactory answer as to why the problem has reached a crisis proportion suddenly in Kuril. An official of WASA has been quoted in this newspaper saying that the people in Kuril are suffering water shortage as population density is very high in that area and the situation will not return to normalcy until a new water pump is ready.

But the question is the population density did not increase suddenly in the Kuril area and the situation was pretty normal one week ago. Then why is this sudden crisis? We demand an explanation from the authorities concerned and ask them to take steps to solve the problem immediately.

According to our report, people living in Kuril and some other areas in the city are facing an abject shortage of water. Owning to the crisis many of them cannot bathe and even cannot cook food. Added to the crisis is the stinky smell of water. Many people in these areas are required to stand in long queues for two to three hours every day to collect water from pumps. The poor are hit hardest. As they cannot afford bottled water, they drink the stinky and dirty water, only to suffer from waterborne diseases like diarrhoea and typhoid.

Therefore, the situation needs to be handled urgently before it turns for the worse. City dwellers are already suffering for load-shedding and if water shortage too becomes acute, life of the people there will become unbearable. The authorities must also investigate whether the load-shedding is affecting water pumping, as most of the water pumps in the city have no generators. Four to five hours of power outage may leave the pumps virtually inoperative for certain hours every day. Whatever the shortcoming, be it power outage or technical glitch, it must be solved immediately.