Friday, 19 August, 2022

A new horizon for Mongla port

The recently inaugurated Padma Bridge has opened a new horizon for Mongla port as the use of the port is likely to go up significantly because of a number of strategic advantages. Chief among them is the shorter distance from the capital in comparison to Chattogram port. The Padma Bridge has reduced the distance from Dhaka to Mongla port to 170km, whereas the distance from the capital to the Chattogram port is 260km. It means use of the Mongla port will be both time and cost effective for exporters and importers based in and around the capital.

Apart from that the Chattogram port, being the country’s largest seaport, is plagued with persistent and overwhelming congestion and ships have to wait longer due to berthing delay. Now it is believed that the Mongla port will be able to take a lot of heat off the Chattogram port. The facilities in Mongla port had long been underutilised due to the gaps in the road communication network. Now it seems poised to become a major gateway for the country’s overseas trade.

In this regard export of first RMG shipment through Monga port less than one month after the inauguration of Padma Bridge can be cited as an example. On Thursday a ship containing 540 containers left for Poland carrying apparel products from 17 factories. As the Mongla Port authorities claimed this is truly a red-letter day for the country’s second largest seaport because it will give a further boost to the port.

However, this is not only about a particular port becoming more attractive to businesses, better utilisation of the port will also have a positive impact on the overall economy. However, the capacity of the port will have to be improved accordingly to cater to increased flow of vessel traffic and export-import activities. There is also a need for dredging to improve navigability to enable docking of larger vessels which require a higher draft. We hope the Mongla Port authorities will take all out preparation to deal with an increased arrival of ships.