Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Take measures against rumours

Take measures against rumours

It is a matter of grave concern that a series of rumours are being spread against the economic situation of the country, causing severe damage to the economy by eroding public confidence and creating volatility in the market. While it is true that the economy is under pressure due to external shocks, the rumour mongers are exacerbating the situation. It is generally believed that anti-government forces are spreading the lies only to show the government in poor light, but they are actually be-fooling the people  and harming the economy.

Of late rumour mongers have been targeting vital economic sectors like foreign reserve, external debt, money market, power generation capacity, energy reserve etc., with the latest claiming that petrol pumps are limiting sales. It prompted the BPC to release a statement saying that the claim of limiting fuel sale is false and that the country has sufficient fuel stock and more supplies are in the pipeline.

Rumour mongers have also been trying to enrage the people by falsely claiming that the country is heading towards a Sri Lanka-like situation. We think those who are generating such rumours are doing it deliberately at the behest of the enemies of the country. And most of those who are circulating the rumours are doing it unknowingly just for fun. There is a saying that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the trust has got its boots on. Thus the rumours are swirling thick and fast across the country, befooling gullible people.

Against this backdrop Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the citizens not to pay heed to rumours, saying that the country has enough reserve to meet import bills of six months, whereas it is customary to keep reserve import bills of three months. Some of the recent steps such as austerity measures and seeking of IMF loan were taken to avert a possible economic crisis, but rumour mongers are portraying those crucial steps in a negative way to create the vibe that the economy is in a crisis.

The government must take stern action against the nefarious propaganda against the state. It must find out who are behind these conspiracies and what their motives are. Those who are spreading falsehood should be given exemplary punishment.