Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

Transplantation of Aman seedlings gets momentum in Rangpur

RANGPUR: Transplantation of Aman seedlings has got momentum following frequent rainfalls in recent days making farmers and farm-labourers busy in all five districts of Rangpur agriculture region.

Officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) and farmers said transplantation of Aman seedlings was progressing slowly due to a drought-like situation that prevailed in recent weeks.

“However, transplantation of Aman seedlings got momentum amid showering of seasonal monsoon rains frequently in recent days,” said Additional Director of the DAE for Rangpur region Md Emdad Hossain Sheikh.

The government has fixed a target of producing about 18.08 lakh tonnes of clean Aman rice (about 27.12 lakh tonnes of paddy) from over 6.15 lakh hectares of land for the region during the current season.

The target includes production of 15,47,403 tonnes of high yielding varieties of Aman from 5,32,115 hectares of land, 2,24,765 tonnes of hybrid varieties of Aman from 64,035 hectares and 35,748 tonnes of local varieties of Aman from 19,535 hectares of land, reports BSS.

Meanwhile, farmers have so far prepared Aman seedbeds on 32,631 hectares of land against the requirement of preparing the same on 30,469 hectares of land for cultivation of the crop on the targeted 6,15,685 hectares of land in the region.

Transplantation of Aman seedlings has already been completed on about 80,000 hectares of land as the process is progressing fast amid frequent seasonal monsoon rains in the region.

The government has taken measures to ensure supply of quality seeds, prepare model and floating seedbeds and ensure balanced fertilisation and adoption of latest technologies to enhance rice production despite shrinking of cultivable land area.

Besides, ample steps have been taken to prepare late varieties of Aman seedbeds on highlands and floating seedbeds in low-lying areas so that there was no crisis of seedlings for floods, if any, during July and August months this season.

Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, Barind Multipurpose Development Authorities and farmers have kept irrigation pumps ready to operate for Aman seedling transplantation in case of less rainfall or droughts.

Field level agriculture officials of the DAE are providing essential assistance and latest technologies to farmers to ensure successful cultivation of Aman.

“Enthusiastic farmers are transplanting Aman seedlings alongside preparing croplands for transplantation of seedlings in all five districts of the region where a favorable climate condition is prevailing now for the purpose,” Hossain added.

Talking to the agency, farmer Md Ariful Haque of village Najirdigar in Rangpur Sadar said transplantation of Aman seedlings continues now smoothly amid frequent rainfalls on his seven acres of land.

“I hope transplantation of Aman seedlings on my crop land will complete by the next couple of weeks,” he said, adding that he has kept his shallow tube wells ready for supplementary irrigation, if needed.

Similarly, farmers Abdul Gafur, Mofizar Rahman, Nur Mohammad, Dulal Chandra and Kafil Uddin of Sadar upazila in Rangpur said they are transplanting Aman seedlings on their crop lands in full swing amid frequent rainfalls now.