Sunday, 25 September, 2022

Nagad capable of disbursing govt allowances

Nagad, the mobile financial service arm of the Bangladesh Post office, is capable enough to disburse entire government allowances, said the outgoing Director General of the Department of Social Services (DSS) Sheikh Rafiqul Islam.

Currently 75 percent of social safety net allowances, administered by the Department of Social Services, are being distributed through Nagad transparently and equitably, he said, reports BSS.

Government allowances are distributed by the Department of Social Service to the elderly, widows, underprivileged disabled and disabled students, who are the most underprivileged segment of the society, said a press release.

The director general of the DSS expressed his delight with the inclusion of these marginalized individuals in digital services.

"We have worked with a group of society's least educated and most disadvantaged individuals.... For these individuals, accessing or transacting money through mobile financial services was a formidable challenge and Nagad was instrumental in overcoming this obstacle."

Reaching the underprivileged community was a key challenge in the disbursement of allowances. Rafiqul said Nagad's determination in conquering the geographical obstacle is commendable.

He said the majority (75 per cent) of these disbursements were carried out by Nagad as the management of Nagad is extremely dynamic, visionary, and competent. "In a very short period, they expanded the number of employees, trained them, and helped open 60 lakh accounts. They have performed this feat with exceptional skill."

Rafiqul said the department is yet to receive any complaint regarding Nagad's allowance distribution. "No one stated or no news was published anywhere. According to our reports, they disbursed allowances in a transparent manner.

And I think all credit goes to Nagad's excellent management," he added.

He also believed that Nagad has the capability to distribute 100 percent of all government allowances if given the responsibility.

The outgoing director general of the Department of Social Services said they have seen that the Nagad allowance distribution method is completely transparent and nearly error-free.

Earlier in January 2021, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated the social safety net allowances disbursement through MFS and later in March this year the authority renewed the agreement with Nagad.

Nagad has so far distributed more than Taka 15,000 crore government allowances and stipend to people.